Cyrus Races

The peoples of Cyrus are many and diverse. In Cyrus, you will find analogues for most of the “standard” fantasy races, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Years of playtesting in the Cyrus world setting have created many new and unique races and Silvervine’s incredible character creation options allow for nearly any type of character to be created. Here are some of the main races you’ll find within the world of Cyrus. Click on an image below for more information.

This isn’t the end of the races a character can play in Cyrus, not by a longshot. Extra options in the Cyrus main rulebook include: Dryadic Mortals, Elementals, Gargoyles, Sprites, Kanji, Vampyres, and an unlimited number of other races using the Unlisted Race Template. If it exists in Cyrus and your Game Master lets you, then it can be played.