History Of Cyrus

Avery Liell-Kok - Giantfight

In the twilight dawn of Cyrus, the world was a place of breath-taking beauty and magic. Vast forests and streams covered the land, and the races were at ease with their archangel guardians, the Archai and the spiritual “Celestial” beings who were infinite in form. The rings around Cyrus were considered the God Taeos’s protection for the world, and the channels of magic flowed freely and were as easy as language. Cyrus was not alone and it knew this, for in the first twilight days, the boundaries of Cyrus were fuzzy, and it touched many other lands and places.

Though things were peaceful and pristine, it is a truth that no calm can last. The Archai Maingth sought more from Taeos, and in a misguided effort to please him, Maingth taught a small group of Elves the forbidden magics which were written on the leaves of the tree of life. Maingth was thrown down and cast into the mortal realm, bitter and angry at all of creation. At the behest of Maingth, the newly ascended Godelves razed the land with the horrors and monstrosities their new knowledge let them create. Enslaving the other races, the Godelves ruled for many centuries as cruel and tyrannous dictators. Then, the rebellions known as the Godwars saw heroes of all the races banding together, calling on the magic and technologies of far off stars to fight back the impossibly powerful armies of the Godelves.

The Races won the war against the Godelves with the help of the Elven hero Elos, but Cyrus was left a decimated husk and the people were scattered and primitive. The horrid creatures of the Godelves still roamed the lands, and fell Celestials destroyed entire settlements struggling to form lasting civilizations. Eventually, a council of the most powerful in the assorted lands chose to lock away the streams of magic that flowed through the world in an attempt to create a peace that would allow the people to thrive.

For the thousand years where magic was sealed away, technological progress exploded and civilizations were able to gain a foothold in the world. Foul powers were still at work, and the War of Venture saw the release of magic into the world once again. The next 400 years of the current era saw much change as people relearned their once forgotten powers and forged the world anew with magic and technology standing side by side.

Now, in the year 1857 of the Current Era, the races face new and old challenges alike. Monsters and Celestials rise from eon long slumbers. Dwarven made Siege Suits wage constant border wars against the giant, monstorous Anak . And in the deep places where ancient magics are being recovered, the borders to other worlds are being pried open once again. The trials and rewards in Cyrus are as endless as the dangers and each day is another step along the path of history.