Just Wrapped Up The Final Playtest Before The Core Rulebook Is Released

image I’ve just finished running the final official playtesting game before the core rulebook is released. This game was a test of high level play and had an awesome ending.


General conclusions?

  • Silvervine plays much like other games at higher levels. "Regular" challenges are easy for players (especially in the ever-telescoping party we played with) but they can still be challenged with special powers and interesting strategies.
  • High level play in Silvervine is much more cinematic and narrative based. Powers can be brutal but are subject to good dice rolls.
  • Players had a whole lot of fun being badasses and a lot of their later level purchases were to justify their long-term goals.

There are at least 2 non-official games of Silvervine being played that we know of, and Brian Keller has been running a bunch of games at New York conventions. With the rest of the work on the Core Rulebook being minimal, it won’t be long before every game being played is with the final product!


– John

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