Life At The Silvervine Offices

Now that Con on the Cob is over and our first print run is mostly decimated, we thought that we would show you what life at the Silvervine offices is like on a daily basis.  Yeah, kind of like the picture below, life SilverVinerainbowandunicorn_final_smallas an employee of Silvervine is  being Kilted all the time, slightly off sync with your fellows, and frolicking through a green meadow full of rainbows and unicorns.




So the real story behind this photo is that there was a vendor called Fantasy Visions who set up a green screen and had a choice of photos you could be shopped onto. Not being ones known for over-seriousness, we decided that we needed to do a can-can line with the unicorn option they had. There are a few more that we had them do, which may or may not get posted here. Until then, enjoy the zaniness and the lack of shame that we at SVG revel in every day. 

5 Responses to “Life At The Silvervine Offices”

  1. Brian Keller says:

    Such a lie. I do not see any flogging. There must be flogging to keep morale up.

    Brian Keller
    Chief Morale Officer… Windmill Games Co.

  2. Akira Barnes says:

    Ow. Brian is right. My morale is great now, thanks.

    Akira Barnes
    El Presidente
    Windmill Game Co.

  3. @ Brian Keller – What you can’t see is the small imps behind us whipping us to keep us dancing. Those are OUR morale officers.

  4. Brian "Oz" Miller says:

    Of course, the other thing is that this is probably life at the offices after the 15th bottle of moonshine and the hallucinations come on. I hear the Pink Elephants have wonderful tea parties.
    Still, awesome picture.

  5. Awsome says:

    You haz no shadows! :O yo all made vampire race characters!

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