New Breakthrough In Character Sheet Technology – Save Form Information


svgcyrussheet-031310forms Here at Silvervine Labs (which are only slightly less fun than Muppet Labs) we’ve made a breakthrough in character sheet technology. With hours and hours of endless research (ok, I changed a setting that I didn’t know about before) we have made the Interactive Character sheet able to be saved with form information intact.


Unlike most character sheet PDFs out there*, the Silvervine Games Character sheet can be filled out electronically and then saved  to your desktop. You can open it back up and update your character. Go make use of this great new innovation in character sheet technology.


Find the new character sheet in our downloads section – here.  If you find yourself un able to save the forms, you might need to update your adobe reader software.



* This is totally unsubstantiated. This is according to most PDFs that I’ve seen produced. There are a few awesome sites that provide some kickass third party character sheets out there, so this functionality might exist.

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