Player Picture Project Pictures – 01-19-2010

Hey Silvervine Fans,

Here are a few of the pictures that have been completed in the end of 2009/beginning of 2010 SVG rush. We have 2 more slots open and a few submissions left to go through. This is your last chance to get your character featured in the pages of the Silvervine Core Rulebook. We may redo the PPP down the road for other books, but this is your ground floor chance.

Click an image to see it full size.

PPP_-_Picture_2 PPP_-_Picture_1 PPP_-_Picture_3 PPP_-_Picture_4

How to get your character in the Player Picture Project –

  • Make a character with our Quick Character Creation Guide, then fill out and email us a copy of it and the Player Picture Project Release.

    Email us here.
  • Make a character at one of our convention appearances.
  • Have a signature character in one of our extended playtests, or start up your own extended playtest.

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