Player Picture Project

You know that the Silvervine system allows you to make incredible and diverse characters. If you’ve got the Core Rulebook, you know we sometimes use those characters in our products. If you’ve got an awesome character, then you need to submit it to the Player Picture Project.

It’s simple:

  • Download the Player Picture Project PDF (it’s got an interactive character sheet built in).
  • Create a character using the Core Rulebook or the Quick Character Creation Guide
  • Fill in all the background, thematic, and mechanical information you can about your character, then digitally sign the form (requires Adobe Reader).
  • Save the form and email it back to .
  • We’ll take the most interesting and fun characters and showcase them in our books (like we do at the beginning of every chapter in the Core Rulebook), use them as pregens for campaign games, put them on the website, or write them into stories.