Player Testimonials

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Over the years at convention appearances, we keep hearing great things about Silvervine from the players. Usually it starts with a challenge like: “Pshaww. Your system can make any character concept? I can totally make a character that your system can’t handle.”. Then, after a character creation system we hear: “Wow. I totally didn’t think I would be able to make a ninja-actor-moose! I totally want to make another character now!”.

Here are some of the things that we’ve heard from players. Feel free to chime in with a comment of your own Silvervine story or comment.

  • “I have been reading your core rule book guys and I must say… the elegance and forethought of the game system is remarkable! Only years of hardcore gaming and dealing with the dramas, errata, and clumsy game systems before you could something like this be done. A system with a reinforced, yet flexible, skeleton and er…gonomic, form fitting outer grip to pull off whatever the game master or player has in mind! Well played gentlemen!” – Chris Curran
  • “Arcadian asked me to test the system a bit, so my character was a pirate captain’s head on a steampunk spider, armed with a flintlock six-shooter (just imagine it) and a cutlass. The spider could run up walls and such, and had armor around the captain’s head. The system handled it just fine, from the wall-crawling to the armor to the weapons. Very impressed!” – Kurt Schneider
  • “I played in 3 events & intentionally played 3 different characters.
    #1 was a dog-blooded tracker/ranger type who likes to collect swords made from unusual materials (and has little patience for teenagers).
    #2 was “Young Dr. House”–a cranky…, multi-lingual doctor with a limp–high perception & knowledge attributes; bio science, deduction, body language, and visual acuity skills–it also helps if you’re addicted to the TV show (for lots of funny one-liners).
    #3 was a bear-blooded, kilt-wearing brawler who plays the bagpipes & carries a BIG Katana. High Strength attribute with Added Attack, Large Weapon, and Tank.”– Logan O’Murchada
  • “I just need Origins to get here so I can buy my book!” – Kirsti Kirstetter, 2011