Quick Start Guides

We know what you want. You want to jump right in and see if Silvervine can really give you the incredible characters we’ve been boasting about. Well, see for yourself.

Download our Quick Character Creation Guide and get started. The guide is a scaled down version of the character creation rules and will let you create completely playable characters in the world of Cyrus. Follow through with the easy, step by step system and make a character. The longest part of the process is in choosing from all the awesome things your character will be able to do.

Download the Cyrus Quick Character Creation Guide

Making a new character is easy, but here are some things to make it easier on you. Download a character sheet or the entire character sheet pack. Type directly into the sheet and save it (requires Adobe Acrobat or a similarly advanced PDF reader). The New Player Cheat Sheet will help you by quickly pointing out how the rules work and the Cyrus Character Creation Flowchart will guide you through the process step by step.