Refreshed And Ready To Kick Ass


If you didn’t see it through Ryan Thomas Edward Hale’s post on our facebook wall, they’ve got some more audio of their Silvervine campaign up. Just check out their tag for all things SVG, here:


In other news, I’ve just gotten back from a long needed and long (wibbly wobbly time-wise) vacation. It’s been great, and now there are a bunch of things that are getting kicked into gear. Some projects that got delayed due to burnout, some projects that got delayed due to waiting on other factors, and some projects that just got delayed because of having to fight off invasions from alien forces (don’t ask). As the next few weeks progress, you’ll be seeing many more updates and many more fun things coming out of the SVG labs. Also, enjoy this picture of Bruce Campbell as Brisco County Jr. smiling at some sticks of dynamite. image It is our inspiration, and now it can be yours.

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