Silvervine At Gencon

If you are going to be at Gencon this year, Silvervine will be running a few games there.

Thursday 08/16

  • RPG1235131 One Night In Minnesota.         Thu @ 7:00 PM          2 hrs    Location: Marriott :: Marriott Blrm 1 :: 6
    John will be running a non-silvervine game, just for fun. It’s called Everyone is John and is a quick indy game where everyone gets to be a voice in the PCs head.

Friday 08/17

  • RPG1235130 Tick Tock, The Tramp Of Doom         Fri @ 2:00 PM           4 hrs               Location: Marriott :: Santa Fe :: 5    
    The first official SVG game going on. Race to save the city of Venture from a citywide bomb. The timer will be running and the game will be real time.
  • ENT1232078 The ENnie Awards, Cocktail Reception & Silent Auction    Friday Union Station : Grand Hall  6:30 PM
    John and the Gnome Stew crew will be at the ENnies reception.

Saturday 08/18

  • RPG1235132 The Great Tech Heist Sat @ 12:00 PM         4 hrs               Location: JW :: 309 :: 2
    Rawlings will run the great tech heist. Sneak into the duke’s mansion, across borders, and procure forbidden technology.
  • RPG1235133 Whose Game Is It Anyways     Sat @ 4:00 PM           2 hrs    Location: JW :: 309 :: 2
    Mayhem, murder, marmalade? Everyone suggests one element to be included into a game and the Game Master crafts it on the fly!


These are our official games, but we’ll be available for running pickup games. We’ll post times and places here once we’ve figured them out.


Current Pickup Games


UPDATE: Friday at Noon in the Marriot Indiana E – Running a pickup game for anyone interested.

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