Silvervine Playtest Sunday

Siege1 Hey all NE Ohio SVG Fans (or anyone wanting to travel farther)!

Want to get a taste of what Silvervine is offering up for the 2010 convention season? With Ancon 8 days away, we are going to be doing some practice runs for 4 of our adventures this Sunday at the Silvervine Offices. If you live near Akron Ohio and would like to get in on some pre-convention games, you are invited.


We’ll be running games at 2pm and 7pm on Sunday May 16th. In order to get involved, register by emailing playtest [@] and we will send you more information. Playtests will be run in Massillon, Ohio and should take 3-4 hours for each one. Nothing is required and no fore-knowledge of the game system is needed. Pre-generated characters will be used for the games and all materials will be made available, but you can always bring your own starting level (275 Exp) characters.


Want to make your character beforehand? Use the Quick CC Guide – found here.

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