Silvervine’s Black Friday Offering – Silvervine Games Paper Miniature Makers – 11-27-2009

Silvervine Games - Paper Mini Maker Screenshot Thumb

We hope that everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving yesterday. In the spirit of the Black Friday shopping sprees that are going on, we present you a free gift. I recently made a free paper miniatures PDF for Gnome Stew with one of the other Gnomes Matthew Neagley.

Since Silvervine has unlimited character possibilities, it can be pretty hard to find an accurate mini sometimes. Thus, we are offering the paper mini maker file here, in a Silvervine flavor. Simply download the file, click on a logo, choose any image from your computer, and print! Instant paper miniature.

Silvervine Games – 1 Inch Paper Mini Maker
Silvervine Games – 2 Inch Paper Mini Maker

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