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Silvervine At Another Game Convention

Fate keeps conspiring against our official convention appearances this year, but luckily we’ve got fans who pick up the slack and are running awesome games.   Our schedules (trips out of state, day jobs, studying for the bar, eliminating an alien threat and letting the government cover it up, etc.) have conspired against us making […]

At last, the 2012 Convention Schedule

  I’m going to start off by saying that this year is very odd for us, and for convention goers in general. The timing for a lot of the big conventions that we normally attend changed a lot. Convention dates were changed, submission deadlines were moved, and a lot of convention goers that I’ve heard […]

Silvervine at ANCON – Another Game Convention

Still working on some behind the scenes stuff with the look and feel of the new blog, but here is some news for you. We’ve just submitted our events for ANCON – Another Game Convention. Ancon is a game convention held in Hudson Ohio and caters to a lot of gamers local to Silvervine’s home […]