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Refreshed And Ready To Kick Ass

  If you didn’t see it through Ryan Thomas Edward Hale’s post on our facebook wall, they’ve got some more audio of their Silvervine campaign up. Just check out their tag for all things SVG, here:   In other news, I’ve just gotten back from a long needed and long (wibbly wobbly time-wise) vacation. […]

Interview With The SVG Crew At Through Gamer Goggles

  Through Gamer Goggles did an interview with us at Con On The Cob. As you can tell from the picture we gave them, we were as serious and taciturn as we usually are. They put up with us beautifully though and got a lot of pictures of our games. Go check it […]

Player Picture Project PDF Updated

Good News Everyone!   We’ve just updated our process for the Player Picture Project and given it a permanent home on our website.   If you aren’t familiar with the PPP, you should be. Since we love seeing the incredible and diverse characters that come from our players, we try to make use […]

Upcoming Conventions

We’ve been scrambling on convention prep this year, but we are hitting more smaller conventions in the area. We just went to UBcon up in Buffalo, New York and it was great. Here is a bit of heads up on the next conventions we’ll be going to.   Fopcon – The Federal Order of Police […]

One More Christmas Gift and Some News

One of the things I love most about having made a gaming system is watching fans interact with and make modifications to it. Recently I got something  just like this in my inbox. Silvervine fan Mike Rutenbar emailed me a word document character sheet that he made for the Silvervine system. It mimics the style […]