The Culmination Of A Dream – SVG Microbrew Pub & Offices

When we started Silvervine 7 years ago, it was little more than a time filler project in between games. Matt Solomon and I had played a game of 3rd ed. D&D that ended in a rules dispute. Imbibing copious amounts of sake, we talked about everything we’d love to see in a roleplaying game. 7 years later, we’ve put the main book out and gained a decent little following. It has gotten a lot bigger than we planned, but that’s good. It’s taken us by surprise and we’ve grown a lot more than we ever expected.


For the last few months, we’ve been talking about our expansion plans and decided that we really needed to move into some larger (not my refurnished basement) offices. We also started kicking around some crazy ideas. One of those being the fact that we all like beer and some of us have always wanted to run a small restaurant/microbrewery.  imageAbout a month ago we found a beautiful foreclosed 2,500 sq ft office building in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio that was zoned C2 for restaurant usage. The upper floors have enough space for the Silvervine Offices and storage for print runs, and a basement can hold the microbrewery. Yesterday, we closed on the building and are beginning renovations. One year from this exact date, we plan to open the Silvervine Games Microbrew Pub and Offices. We’re still mulling over some fun names for it, but we plan to have gaming nights and make it an environment friendly for gaming. Here is a mockup of the space as planned. Mind you things are bound to change in the next year, but it is an exciting development! More to come soon!



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