The Upcomings

I’ve finally pulled my head out of the muck and mire of a million projects, so I thought I’d give you a quick post to update everyone on Silvervine news and happenings.


1. Conventions. We’ve been determining which conventions we want to hit this year, and we’d like to expand out to smaller conventions in various places. If you have a convention you’d like us to consider, drop a comment on our facebook or here on this post.


image2.  Through Gamer Goggles did a video showing creating a character. They’re good people, so you should go check it out and check out their site as well.



3. The website redesign we talked about is coming very soon. That, work on the Mechanomicon, the hectic holidays, actually taking breaks, saving the world from inter-dimensional raiding forces of the Utrom, etc. have kept us pretty silent. Our efforts right now are going into redoing the very old website and making it incredible. Below you can see a teaser of one of the early mockups that we did.




And that’s all for today. Here’s to a good 2012!

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