Today, I Am Writing About Summons

Sleipnir---Laine-GarrettI just thought I would share a quick note about some of the work that we are doing at the distributed Silvervine offices today. Last night, Ryan Rawlings and I met on skype and talked over the rough draft of a new supplement we are in the initial stages of developing. Ryan and I are working on expanding the background and options for the Summoning magic type in the world of Cyrus. Summoning is just one of the many types of magic available in Cyrus, but Summoning is a quite different beast altogether. A summoner is capable of grabbing pieces of spirit from people, creatures, or sites of great magical power and turning them into spiritual essences that they can command. Summons are definitely a force multiplier, providing new and unique options with each summon.

The image above, done by Laine Garrett, is of one of the summons from the Core Rulebook/Cyrus Worldbook. It is known as Sliepnir, a holy Celestial in the world of Cyrus. The concept is based off of Odin’s horse Sliepnir from Norse mythology, but in Cyrus Sliepnir is a creature of spirit (a Celestial) whose power is mighty and untamed.  A sliver of its spiritual essence was removed and it was turned into a fairly high level summon. Any summoner possessing (and bonded to) the summon token of Sliepnir can call forth a version of the spiritual 8-legged horse. Sliepnir will carry the summoner and their allies upon its back across the heavens, but it can also cast spells on behalf of the summoner or fight against their enemies.

This is what Summoning currently is in Cyrus and Silvervine, but with the new work in progress we are looking to expand how it is seen in the world and offer new mechanical options. Some things that are currently in the works are the capability to create a Full Spirit Summon that can operate and function on its own, without a summoner to bond to, more clarification on the thematic process of creating a summon yourself, information on different cabals of summoners within the world, and rules that will allow the summoning rules to be used by non-summoners who just want a single spiritual companion as part of their character concept.

This is in early stages but is nearing a finalized first draft and it is an exciting project to work on. Be on the lookout for more about this project in the continuing weeks. – John Arcadian




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