At last, the 2012 Convention Schedule


I’m going to start off by saying that this year is very odd for us, and for convention goers in general. The timing for a lot of the big conventions that we normally attend changed a lot. Convention dates were changed, submission deadlines were moved, and a lot of convention goers that I’ve heard from are being forced to decide which of the conventions they can make it to. We’re in a similar situation, and that’s why it has taken us so long to get this convention information up. With so many great conventions changing dates and our other scheduled time commitments,  we didn’t have as much manpower to move between them all. So our convention schedule is going to be lighter than in previous years, and it is going to be structured a bit differently. Check them out below.


Marcon 2012  April 6th Through 8thimage
Columbus, Ohio

Not quite an official convention appearance, but John will be there this weekend hanging out. He’ll be willing to run a pickup game or two if he has time.  If you want to find John while you are there, you can just look around for the kilted guy with the brown jacket.


Fopcon 2012 Saturday April 28th
Dayton, Ohio

imageEdwards Yarrus will be bringing Brian Miller and running some Whose Game Is It Anyway at this very fun one day convention down in Dayton. I highly recommend this one.






Origins 2012 May 30th to June 3rd
Columbus, Ohio

imageCon On The Cob is definitely our home convention, but Origins is where we’ve gotten a lot of exposure and met a lot of our fans and friends. Sadly, our schedules don’t coincide with running a full slate of games and their submission deadline was well before we were able to nail this down. So this year we will be at origins, but our game running will likely be pickup games. We will have a system to notify you of when we are running games, and a way to get in touch with us to request we run some games. While we would love to have a bigger presence here, it is unlikely to happen.


Ancon 2012 June 21st to June 24th
Hudson, Ohio (Akron Area)

imageAnother Game Convention is going to be more in line with our schedules this year, so we will be running some games here once we get them submitted. Ancon is a great little convention, and we look forward to seeing Frank, Super Dave, Wood, Chris, and all our other friends who are involved with the running of this.





Gencon 2012 August 16th to 19th
Indianapolis, Indiana

imageSilvervine hit Gencon big a few years ago, and John usually goes with Gnome Stew or Engine publishing. This year we are going to be going as Silvervine. John and Ryan will be there running games and hanging out, and Ed might be showing up as well if his schedule allows for it. When registration opens on May 20th, you should see our games there. We’ll keep you posted on this as more information is available!

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