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Today, I Am Writing About Summons

I just thought I would share a quick note about some of the work that we are doing at the distributed Silvervine offices today. Last night, Ryan Rawlings and I met on skype and talked over the rough draft of a new supplement we are in the initial stages of developing. Ryan and I are […]

New Errata – Archai Chart

Thanks to the keen eye of Mark Wolke, we’ve got new Errata in our errata page. Mark discovered an error in the Archai chart on page 67.  If a player rolls June 4th on the Blessings Of The Archai focus then they will receive the focus Silver Tongue/Sharp Wit (Page 87 SVG1001) instead. We’ve updated […]

Errata Page Is Live

We have now set up an Errata page on our site to collect rules errors, updates, and clarifications. You can find the new Errata page here or in the top-menu of the site. Any Errata or clarifications we find we will update there and with a blog post. Our first two Errata were pointed out […]