About Us

Left to Right – Ryan, Ed, Alec, John, Matt

Silvervine Games (SVG if you’re into the whole brevity thing) is a small press Roleplaying Game company based, primarily, in the rolling hills and forests of North East Ohio. Originally started by John Arcadian and Matt Solomon, Silvervine was a part-time project intended to produce a game that had the elements we wanted in a tabletop RPG. As Silvervine grew, we added trusted friends into the mix and increased the scope of what we wanted from our little project. Eventually, we codified our ideas and philosophies and created what is known as the Silvervine System. We aim to make role-playing games that embrace the ideas of character choice, narrative that is guided by everyone at the table, and a solid mechanics system that enables people to play the games that they want to play.

We also strive to be a game company that focuses on the fans, because it is the fans who keep us coming back to the table to run games, improve our products, and be the best that we can be. To this end, we offer many free products to improve the gaming experience. We make sure that people who buy our products can make use of them in the ways they want to, and we integrate the best fan-made additions we can find wherever possible.

Development Team Bios

ArcadianJohn Arcadian is the President and lead developer. You can often find him bouncing around gaming conventions in his Utilikilt┬« or writing articles at Gnome Stew. John’s first character was Harvis, the Human sheepherder with a penance for magic and sniper rifles.

SolomonMatt Solomon is one of the Vice Presidents and the creator of the World of Cyrus setting. Matt is primarily responsible for Silvervine. It really all started because of his character’s musical drumming talent and lack of rope use skills. Matt’s first character was Rhuak Shin, the Ogrendum scion whose knowledge of magic is likely unsurpassed by any mortal.

YarrusEdward Yarrus is one of the prime developers and also the Financial Officer. When he isn’t working in the number mines, he is usually causing havoc as Ronsha the Bearblooded, testing the limits of the system, and making shark jerky.

StringerAlec Stringer is our graphic designer and one of the prime developers. Alec’s insight and calm head are invaluable to the design process. Alec’s title character is Luris the Elven military scout, whose incredible semi-levitating jumps, armblade, and summoning powers have saved the lives of many comrades over the years.

RawlingsRyan Rawlings is a Vice President and one of the prime developers. Ryan is dedicated to creating unique systems that stretch the limits of what Silvervine does, being mainly responsible for summoning, mass combat, and much of the technical work in the Mechanomicon. Rawlings primary character is Kelas Sion, the Sunelf summoner/surfer who has a captured spirit for every occasion.