Ancon 2010 – Awesome Beyond Awesome

We had an AWESOME time at Ancon 2010. The convention was awesome beyond awesome. There were so many incredible moments. Special thanks to everyone who participated in the Reisja Stones tournament: Amber, Ben, Brian, Ian, Larry, and Mark. You guys made it incredible and your added storyline was awesome!!!!!!!



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2 Responses to “Ancon 2010 – Awesome Beyond Awesome”

  1. Brendan/Rith says:

    It was a good thing I could speak Anacandrian. But man I had some interesting luck. Missing the jump to the airship and Surviving the fall.

  2. Larry Raber says:

    Fellas – Kudos!

    You provided an outlet this weekend that was sorely needed and greatly appreciated.

    Im still chuckling over the crow’s nest dwarf and his pull-up reports…brilliant stuff!

    Much success upon completion.

    Larry Raber

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