Buy your copy at Con On The Cob

A_thumb1 Well we’ve done it. After a 7  year long journey that started as little more than a “sure why not” project, we’ve completed and gotten our first print run of the Silvervine Games Core Rulebook and Cyrus Worldbook. We’ll be selling the first copies at Con On The Cob (OCT 14 – 17, Hudson Ohio), our home convention and where we are Gaming Guests of Honor this year. If you are local to Ohio or one of the many who travel to the convention, you should join the ~1,000 other attendees and check us out. Aside from all the other fun things to do at the convention you’ll be able to jump into the games and character creations that we are running. You can also check out the booth, pick up map folios, get your book signed, hang out with us at the parties on Friday and Saturday, and do lots of other fun things! Con On The Cob is a truly great convention and we’re proud to debut Silvervine there.


You can pick up a paper copy of the book (320 pages, B&W, Perfect Bound) for $29.99.  PDF copies (full color) will be included on CD and can be picked up separately (price TBD).  We’ll do a second print run after CotC and make copies available online.


Come to Con on the Cob, play in some of our games, pick up the book and have a great time!

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