Con On the Cob, The Most Fun You Aren’t Having Right Now!

Cotc2So, Silvervine’s home convention, Con On The Cob is coming up in Mid October. Are you going to be there? You should be, and not just for the awesome incredible Mechanomicon stuff that Silvervine Games will be debuting there. Seriously,  you should come for some of these things:

Seriously, you should get your shiny Wazoo to Con On The Cob in Hudson, Ohio Thursday on October 13th and you should stay until Sunday, the 1th. It’s gonna be a fantastic time, as always! Also, you should check back here in the upcoming weeks to get some sneak peaks and special downloads in preparation for the Mecanomicon stuff we’ll be testing at the convention.


*SVG does not guarantee happiness from the purchase of material things. That would go against our existential roots… or something.

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