CotC Awesome & A Call For Characters


71630_10150104947013032_38182248031_7527878_2119397_nWow. Not enough can be said about the awesomeness of Silvervine’s debut at Con On The Cob. We all but sold out of books, and did if you count the off convention sales that we made with the handful left. The gaming was excellent and most of our games had 3 or 4 people waiting to get in. It was an awesome time and the range of characters we saw was incredible!


So, with that being said, post a comment about your character concept. Share it with the world. People never believe the kinds of characters seen in SVG, but we want to show them. So drop your character in the comment section or go over to our facebook page: and put the description on our wall.  Thanks for making the convention such an awesome time!


More photos can be seen at:

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  1. Brian Miller says:

    Well since I can’t figure this Facebook doohickey-ma-jig for the life of me I’ll leave it on your blog. I did some brainstorming and managed to come up with a few ideas that I don’t mind sharing, put in simple summaries.

    1. A bartender/Bouncer who uses Drunken Brawling. It’s like Drunken Boxing Martial Arts only not as graceful.

    2. A Foxblooded playful street magician. Cuz a face full of glitter and cards can really distract you.

    3. A bio-mechanic steam cyborg organ player, hooked INTO the organ on wheels. He can detach but it’s a mount that fires various objects. Missles, glitter, flamethrowers. It’s full of surprises. Possibly take “Piercing Shriek” focus for hitting a high note.

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