The Lands Of Cyrus

The planet of Cyrus – home to the races and bordered by the realms of spirit. Cyrus is slightly smaller than the Earth and mirrors it in many ways. Many plants and animals found on Earth can be found on Cyrus, however similarities end pretty quickly. There are many unique physical features to the World of Cyrus.

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The Endless Ocean

The known landmasses of Cyrus are surrounded by a thing known as the Endless Ocean. Though many expditions of sea and airship have traversed out over the infinite Cerulean waves, none have found land. Even those with great magical power have found nothing beyond the blue  and the known Continents.

The Skies of Cyrus


Those who stand on Cyrus and look into the sky may see three great  wonders. First, great chunks of land float in the sky. These floating islands are sometimes inhabited by those who can reach them, but few have stable orbits. This makes most ilsands easy to lose in the skies. Beyond the Islands one can see the planetary ring of Cyrus in the skies. It is speculated that the ring comes from some great cataclysm that threw the islands into the sky and sent the dust of the planet even higher. No magic or technology has yet let the inhabitants of Cyrus reach the rings. Beyond the rings can bee seen the 3 moons of Cyrus, Red, Blue, and White. By night, the light of these moons combines to create unique shadows in some places. These dreaded “Purple Nights” are the subject of much superstition, some saying that Demons can step forth into the world at these places. These occurrences are rare as the rings of Cyrus usually filter the light of the moons when they align.

Continents and Lands of Cyrus

  • Ithis – Located in the center of the Known Lands, Ithis is home to the kingdoms of man and was the seat of the empire of the Godeleves. The wastes to the north are all that remain and the Northern Steelspine mountains are the barrier that no sane person dares to pass. Here, the Dwarves make their northern kingdom, but they also hold a southern kingdom within the mountains on the lowest edge of Ithis. Between these two mountain ranges, the green and fertile lands were where the Human kingdoms of Crow, Andrew, Whytegaard, The Icelands, and The Westlands lie. Farther south, the Feylands are home to the strange beings of Faery and the Oaken Grove and Wildermeet are the domain of the Elves.


    The Southern View of Judarin

  • Pero –  Extreme in temperament and varying in landscape, Pero is a land of deserts, jungles, desolation, lava, and plains. The deserts of Pero are home to a culture all of its own, strict and harsh because of the necessity of survival. In the green areas of Pero lies the protected kingdom of the Animalia, and farther north the Starkindler Elves live in their magnificent city of Starreach. None live in the Burning lands, save those spirits of the dead and monsters capable of bearing the intense heat.

  • Clave – To the south of the Known Lands, Clave sits as an emerald jewel and home to the Emperor. A civilized and long cultivated way of perfection exists within this land where philosophy and martial arts vie for supremacy. The mountains of Ecclessium hold a secret themselves, for here is it rumored that the Aruna live in a city suspended above the caldera of a dormant volcano.

  • Cirro – The islands of Cirro are only recently being colonized and explored by the non-native peoples there. The ruins and mysteries here have some connection to hidden stories of the past of Cyrus, but few have yet discovered the truth. The dangers that exist here have not given pause to the hordes of explorers hoping to find the next silver mine or priceless artifact.

  • Malacant – None have been able to pierce the great storm that rages across the entirety of the continent of Malacant. Legend says that this is where Maingth, the heretic Archai, was thrown to the ground upon his first transgression of holy law. Many believe the entire place to be a cursed land full of monstrosities. Reports speak of shipwrecked sailors in strange airships who have claimed to come from the interior of Malacant, increasing the mystery of the land even further.