Errata Page Is Live

We have now set up an Errata page on our site to collect rules errors, updates, and clarifications. You can find the new Errata page here or in the top-menu of the site. Any Errata or clarifications we find we will update there and with a blog post. Our first two Errata were pointed out to us by Logan Murphy, a fan and Silvervine GM. Two focuses had their requirements modified and slight rules changes. These affect the Core Rulebook/Cyrus Worldbook and the Quick CC Guide that is currently up.

If you have found something which you believe should be included in the Errata, please contact us at or on our facebook page. We will be happy to review it and add it to the official errata.



Weapon Master – Page 91

Discoverer: Logan Murphy
The requirements for the focus were changed from journeyman to adventurer tier. Also, the text in updated versions after 2011 has been re-written for clarity. It should read:

Weapon Master
Cost: 100 Exp
REQ: Journeyman Experience Tier
Activation: Always On
Th e character has trained in many combat styles and has knowledge of how to use almost all Weapon Types. The character can use any weapon with an assumed level of Weapon Skill equal to one less than their highest Weapon Skill. For example, if a character has a skill of 3 in Medium Blades, then for any other weapon they use, they have an eff ective Weapon Skill of 2. Th is is not an actual level of skill and does not grant Tech Points, but does make getting successes easier  and adds on to the Damage Rating.

Weapon Specialization – Page 91

Discoverer: Logan Murphy
The requirements for the focus were removed. Current text should read.

Weapon Specialization ( )
Cost: 30 Exp
Activation: Always On
The character has trained and is especially skilled with one particular weapon. Th e character gets +1 die to use when attacking with a particular Weapon Type. The character might purchase Weapon Specialization (Hafted Weapons) and gain the bonus when using a flail or an axe, which are both in the category.

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