Fans Are Awesome

imageSilvervine fan and friend Alana Smith just got this incredibly kick ass tattoo of her Silvervine Character – Marybeth Annalynn Bobbilee Sparkleshine the III. You can see the SVG logo right there in the picture she sent. She just raised the bar of Silvervine fandom.


So the question now is “Are you cool enough to get a tattoo of your SVG character?” Until the answer to that is yes, you will never be as cool as Alana.


P.s. Alana is going to be running her own games in her world at Con On The Cob. You should definitely check out the Zoot Suit Gang games if you are going to be there.

One Response to “Fans Are Awesome”

  1. Tim Hornikel says:

    I have to get a tattoo of my character in order to be as cool as her? *rolls up an invisible character* No matter what I must break the system.

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