New Review & Coscon

headerbg-zergWe made it out to the Circle Of Swords Gaming Convention (Coscon) this past weekend and it was a blast. This is a great little convention that you should check out next year if you are anywhere within a few hundred miles of Butler PA. The staff were great and the players blew our minds with some awesome character concepts and playing. Everyone seemed to have a really good time.

One player even put a really good review of the book up on Drive Through RPG. Go check it out:

The D10 System they’ve employed is like and unlike all the other dice pool systems out there which gives it both a familiarity and unique feeling at the same time, something I appreciate as a long time -but easily underwhelmed- gamer. The crunch of the system did not seem to diminish the cinematic quality of player narrative control when it was handed over to us. Though this can sometimes put a player on the spot (I saw it happen at least once) overall it’s an absolutely under appreciated type of gaming and I was thrilled to see it so seamlessly incorporated into the game design and game masters tools.

The world of Cyrus stood out while we played through our demo, its anime/steampunk/fantasy tropes were so familiar to us yet still put together in a fun way that players really felt able to understand and visualize the surroundings as the GM described scenes to us. While I was unable to read through the core book at COSCON, my purchase of the hard copy on Drivethru came with a PDF and I’ve since poured through a bit of it.

Overall this game was well worth trying out and eventually purchasing, my gaming group was thrilled to discover I’d gone ahead and ordered a print copy and I am sure we will be using Silvervine often in the coming months/years

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