New Website

As you can tell, we’ve gone and got ourselves a new website design and format. It’s been a long time coming and is quite the improvement over the old website – which was coded sometime back in 2004 or 2005, then slightly improved over the years.  This has been a complete reworking from the ground up and there are many improvements here. The blog has been integrated into the main site, the Downloads sections have been cleaned up and reworked, and you can log in with your social networking or email accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, or Hotmail to make a comment. As we move forward, more features are in the works. A character database is being created to showcase characters submitted to the Player Picture Project and the Cyrus World setting section will be expanded into a fan contributable site .

But we’re going to have to put off some of those upgrades for a very important reason. In the next few weeks, a color, hardback version of the Core Rulebook/Cyrus Worldbook is going to be put on sale at Drive Thru RPG. We’re currently making tweaks to the test print and will be uploading the new files by the end of the week.


Above (New Website – January 2013)
Below (Old Website – December 2012)



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