Player Picture Project PDF Updated

image Good News Everyone!


We’ve just updated our process for the Player Picture Project and given it a permanent home on our website.


If you aren’t familiar with the PPP, you should be. Since we love seeing the incredible and diverse characters that come from our players, we try to make use of them in our publications and games whenever we can. If you submit your character to the Player Picture Project using the PPP PDF form, we might turn it into a Pregen for use at convention games, include it as an NPC in a published adventure, or even showcase it on the chapter pages in an upcoming book (as seen to the left). Check out the new PPP page and the fully interactive submission PDF. Grab your best character, fill out the form, and then send it to We can’t use the character or commission art for it without the digitally signed form, so go fill one out and show us the awesome characters you can come up with!

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