Check out the many free downloads, tools, and freebies that Silvervine offers or that fans have made.

Character Sheets

  • charactersheetpackSilvervine Games Cyrus Character Sheet Pack
    When a game has characters as diverse as Silvervine does, the character sheets need to be able to handle the pressure. With this free character sheet pack you’ve got everything you need. Here you will find multiple advanced feature PDFs that allow you to type in your characters, NPCs, companions, summons, enemies and more into the PDF AND save the finished results right from your PDF reader. – May require Adobe PDF reader for some features.
    In this pack you will find:

    • Character Sheet Non Interactive – The basic character sheet with no interactive elements.
    • Character Sheet Interactive – Able to type into fields, does some calculations, able to save finished sheet.
    • Character Sheet Back – Allows you to upload a character image into the character portrait section.
    • Mini Character Sheet – 4 small character sheets on an 8.5 by 11 page that are great for NPCs, enemies, companions, etc.
    • Mini Character Sheet Interactive – 4 small character sheets on an 8.5 by 11 page that have all the features of the interactive character sheet.
    • Mini Character Sheet Interactive Back – An easily coded back that allows you to fill out extra information for the mini character sheets and easily line up the mini sheet backs to print.
    • Mini Character Sheet Interactive Summon Back – The back of the mini character sheet, but with all the information necessary for summoned creatures per the Cyrus summoning rules.
    • Cyrus Character Creation Worksheet – An interactive piece of scrap paper for creating characters.




  • quickccguideQuick Character Creation Guide
    Everything you need to make a fully functional Silvervine character. Not as full as the book, with its multitude of character options, but packed to the gills with races, skills and focuses for the Cyrus world setting.




NPCs and Generic Game Aids

  • SVGNPCPack1Cyrus NPC Pack 1
    This small pack of Cyrus NPCs are compiled from the Pregens used at convention games from 2007 to 2010. Complete with interactive sheets (meaning you can edit the characters to suit your needs) and round 1 inch token cutouts in both PNG format and a sheet containing all tokens.
  • SVGPaperMiniMakerSilvervine Games Paper Mini Maker
    With the Silvervine Games Paper Mini Maker, you can make miniatures from any image on your computer. Two PDFs (1 inch and 2 inch mini sizes) allow you to upload multiple images into a format that is easily foldable into a multi-use standup miniature. Use any image on your computer! All you have to do is open the PDF, click on one of the SVG logos and it prompts you to select the image. The PDF will flip the image upside down automatically.
  • SpreadsheetDice Pool Probabilities
    Sometimes, you just want to see the math. This excel spreadsheet shows exactly how the math behind a roll works. The Silvervine System is simple enough, but the math nerds might like to see numbers behind it.