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Fans Are Awesome

Silvervine fan and friend Alana Smith just got this incredibly kick ass tattoo of her Silvervine Character – Marybeth Annalynn Bobbilee Sparkleshine the III. You can see the SVG logo right there in the picture she sent. She just raised the bar of Silvervine fandom.   So the question now is “Are you cool enough […]

One More Christmas Gift and Some News

One of the things I love most about having made a gaming system is watching fans interact with and make modifications to it. Recently I got something  just like this in my inbox. Silvervine fan Mike Rutenbar emailed me a word document character sheet that he made for the Silvervine system. It mimics the style […]

The Crimson Armadillo Crew

I don’t think I’ve shared this little beauty yet . . . It is the core crew of the Crimson Armadillo, done through our Player Picture Project.   The beautiful art was done by Andrew McIntosh. The characters of The Captain, Burke, and Ziggy the Ogre were played by Jason Pisano, Akira Barnes, and Brandon […]

14 Pages Left To Outline

So I’ve only got 14 pages left to outline for the 80 page Cyrus section. The outlining is actually the biggest step. It is where I take all the conglomerated Cyrus information and decide what is actually going to make it into the final book. With a large bullet point list of things that I […]