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Silvervine at Gamerati Jamestown and Con On The Cob

Well, we were a little lite on convention appearances this summer, but we’ve got two coming up in the fall that you should definitely check out. Jamestown Gamerati Gamesday   John will be running 2 games. A scenario called Hunters! at 2:30 pm and a Whose Game Is It Anyways at 7:30pm. Jamestown Fireman’s […]

Con On the Cob, The Most Fun You Aren’t Having Right Now!

So, Silvervine’s home convention, Con On The Cob is coming up in Mid October. Are you going to be there? You should be, and not just for the awesome incredible Mechanomicon stuff that Silvervine Games will be debuting there. Seriously,  you should come for some of these things: Drink And Draw – Watch artists Drunkenly […]

Con On The Cob 2011 and the Mechanomicon

  Hey Everyone, Fresh out of a skype meeting and have some exciting news for you. One of our next projects, the Mechanomicon, is coming along nicely in the beta planning phases and we’ll be ready for external playtest come Con On The Cob. That means we’ll be  making the them for every SVG game […]

SVG @ Gencon & Con On The Cob

Hey Silvervine Fans!   Here is a quick blurb of convention news for you.   Matt Solomon and John Arcadian will be at Gencon on Saturday and Sunday. They will be Utilikilted and wandering around. If you want to say hi, find them at the Eureka Seminar (John is on the panel) at 10 am […]