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Halloween Treat – Animated Objects Race

One of our players has created a really nifty race that we decided to write into the world of Cyrus through the Player Picture Project. The concept behind it seemed too spooky not to release at Halloween, so here you go, a freebie from Silvervine – The Animated Objects race. You can download a PDF […]

The New Player Cheat Sheet Now Available

Due to a good number of requests from players running their own games, we’ve made the new player cheat sheet that we use at conventions available online. You can find it in our downloads section (boy do I need to get my butt moving on the website upgrade/redesign) and at RPG Drive Thru. […]

One More Christmas Gift and Some News

One of the things I love most about having made a gaming system is watching fans interact with and make modifications to it. Recently I got something  just like this in my inbox. Silvervine fan Mike Rutenbar emailed me a word document character sheet that he made for the Silvervine system. It mimics the style […]