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Refreshed And Ready To Kick Ass

  If you didn’t see it through Ryan Thomas Edward Hale’s post on our facebook wall, they’ve got some more audio of their Silvervine campaign up. Just check out their tag for all things SVG, here:   In other news, I’ve just gotten back from a long needed and long (wibbly wobbly time-wise) vacation. […]

If Anybody Says We’re Bad At Giving Constant Updates…

they’d be pretty spot on, unfortunately. The upside to long pauses between updates is that it usually means we are busy working on things to bring to you! We’ve got a lot that has kept us busy these two months. Some of those things are: Getting the book ready for a second printing. We released […]

End Of The Year Sale And More News To Come…

Well, things have been mighty quiet around the Silvervine Games offices these last few weeks. With some great successes at our fall conventions and some great responses online, we got struck by the plague and spent a good chunk of the past few weeks recuperating. With health returned (mostly) we’ve got a few end of […]